Saturated fat in banana bread

Carrot cake and banana bread are both amazing on their own but together make an unstoppable team.

Total Fat: .47 g. Saturated Fat: 0.78 g. Protein: 3.55 g. Carbohydrate: 33.89 g. Fiber: 1.44 g.

Transfer pan(s) to the fryer basket.

The rest of the calories in banana bread come from the .3 g of fat in each slice. If you make your bread with margarine, 1.3 g of this fat is saturated fat, which you. Nutrition facts and Information for Banana bread. What I like about this recipe is that it cuts down on the amount of saturated fat usually found in banana breads.

While most Banana Bread recipes contain about. Nutrition Information. Serving Size 125 g. Total Fat 22 g28%.

What is in that box is just begging to be amped up in one way or another and this 4 ingredient banana bread is a great.

Saturated Fat 3 g15%. Trans Fat 0 g. Those made with butter and eggs come out higher in unhealthy saturated fat and. Applesauce, not fat, provides the moisture in this tender banana bread. Calories, 170.0. Total Fat, .0 g. Saturated Fat, 1.0 g. Polyunsaturated Fat, 0.0 g. Monounsaturated Fat, 0.0 g. Cholesterol, 25.0 mg. Sodium, 130.0 mg. Check banana nutrition facts, carbs in bananas and other facts about It is also low in saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol.

To make this banana bread healthy, The sugar.

You can also spread mashed banana (instead of jam) over peanut butter on a piece of whole wheat bread. Saturated Fat. 1g, 4%. Trans Fat. 0g. Polyunsaturated Fat. 2.5g. Banana Loaf. Sweet cake-like loaf made with ripe bananas. Calories 450. Fat 19g. Saturated Fat 11g.

Trans Fat 0g. Cholesterol 155mg. Sodium. Banana bread contains bananas which is generally considered healthy. Traditional recipes usually contain saturated fats and up to a cup of sugar. One slice of. I love banana bread and this is an easy, healthy version that my family really enjoys. Banana Bread.